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Manifesting and Abundance

In ThetaHealing┬«, the concept of manifesting is the Belief that it is possible to create something into the physical using the connection to the Creator of All That Is.  

This course uses an amazing questionnaire to assist you to find the many surprising and deeply hidden blocks standing between you and your goals. This is not a get-rich-quick manual, but rather a universal tool of self-discovery to utilize your potential to become rich in all aspects of your life.  

The ThetaHealing® Manifesting and Abundance Seminar has the following criteria taught by a certified ThetaHealing® Instructor:

  • Manifesting Downloads in a Theta State

  • How blocks on abundance are seldom about money

  • Exercises to remove your blocks

  • Exercise: Divine Timing

  • Exercise: Remembering your Future

  • Exercise: How to create your future from the Seventh Plane and manifest in the highest and the best way

  • Exercise: Bless your money

Seminar Includes ThetaHeailng Manifesting & Abundance Manual and Questionnaire

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